tfttf250 – Are expensive lenses worth it?


Unbelievable that this little show made it to 250! And nobody sent in a happy birthday voice mail…

Today: MacLive Expo, Leo Laporte asks “Am I getting suckered here?” and don’t forget you can WIN a free seat on one of the 2008 workshops!


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Author: Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is co-author of Absolut analog and The Film Photography Handbook. He's also known as a photographic mythbuster and the host of Tips from the Top Floor, the world's longest running photography show. Chris has taught photography all over the world and his mission is to enable anybody to become a better photographer. He is also a regular guest on the TWiT Network.

4 thoughts on “tfttf250 – Are expensive lenses worth it?”

  1. Chris, Glücklicher Geburtstag from San Diego, CA.
    Thanks for a another great show. I’m looking forward to the next 250.

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