tfttf341 – A Mixed Bag of Goodies

3297370829_0b763fe703.jpgMark Gilvey kicks off the show with a greeting! (Leave a greeting too, find the voice mail number in the sidebar). Chris relaunched his personal website Why does some software make your images look sharper than other? How to get back into photography after a long break? Switching from analog to digital: What do different film types have to do with white balance? A short review of the Panasonic LX3.

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2 thoughts on “tfttf341 – A Mixed Bag of Goodies”

  1. Chris!

    Thank you much for answering my question about getting back into the swing of photography after taking some time off.

    I actually did a few of the things you ended up suggesting. I set aside a couple hours on a sunday to go out shooting. I even gave myself an assignment at the same time. Looking through some of my photos on Flickr, I saw something that I really liked and assigned myself to take more. I’ve now gone out and worked on this assignment several times, and have turned it into a small project.

    Thanks for your podcasts!

    Isaac Miller

  2. I would like to add some information about the ViewNX appearance:

    Nikon is storing some data in their RAW files while saving them in the camera, some correction data (lens distortion, chromatic abberation, and so on) and all the conversion settings you can configure: sharpness, Active D-Lighting, saturation, …

    Of course, (as far as I know) only ViewNX (which is free and does only RAW conversion without being able to change much of the parameters) and CaptureNX (which is expensive, quite nice, but will kill your computer’s resources) are able to read this information out of the RAW files.

    I wrote a little bit about the CA and distortion correction here:

    Knowing this it is obvious why ViewNX is displaying the images using other settings than Lightroom, Bibble (or whatever you use) which — i suppose — uses some application specific default settings before you touch them.


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