tfttf380 – Wedding Preps and Great Colors

_mg_5739-edit_put_on_blogToday Chris tells us how he prepares for a wedding shoot on the weekend and how to get great colors. Also a shocking revelation: Leo Laporte and Dick DeBartolo poke fun at Chris behind his back. Should Chris have more of a German accent? Let us know in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “tfttf380 – Wedding Preps and Great Colors”

  1. Hey Chris,
    I havn’t heard any german accent recently. Maybe you should point out some schwäbisch (local accent in Tuebingen) in your show just to please gizwiz. If somebody of you reading this wants to read some schwäbisch words: go to the international schwäbisch newsgroup alt.aeffle.und.pferdle. Keep the good work. Looking forward to the next happy shooting podcast.

  2. great broadcast! I’m getting set to help shoot my first wedding and really appreciated your discussion on what you’d bring with you. Keep it up!

  3. hey Chris,

    I don’t know if it’s too late yet. when shooting a weeding, I would not ever leave the lensbaby. not to take cheesy pictures, but i think pictures from the party are awesome using the lensbaby! I have shot lots of weddings and party-lensbaby-pics are always greatly appreciated by the bride and groom in my experience… anyways, it should be loads of fun!

  4. Hi,

    I would be great if you could make your videos and MP3s available through Bit Torrent. With my crappy ISP, that’s the only feasible way to download large files.

    It would also reduce the load on your own servers.

  5. My only wish when photographing wedding receptions is for the cake table to not be set in front of a window or bright lights. No matter what the bride says, she wants cake cutting photos and fighting the light is a constant problem.

    When shooting video at the actual ceremony I usually set up a tripod in each of the back corners of the church, aim front and center and hope for the best. Most churches will allow this if the camera is silent and of course no flash. If possible I sit on an outside pew in order to be able to check/change the video’s and also to be able to capture the aisle comings and goings. Having two photographers, sitting on opposite sides of the church, really helps.

    I can live without the accent – though the clip was humorous.

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