tfttf389 video – Photo Day 2009 – Frederick van Johnson 3/3

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Here’s the last part of Chris discussing Lightroom with Frederick van Johnson.

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3 thoughts on “tfttf389 video – Photo Day 2009 – Frederick van Johnson 3/3”

  1. Hey Chris,
    I have a little but hefty critic for the three videos. First it took me over an hour to download them (at about 30-40 kb/s for the first two, only the third was faster at 250kb/s). Then the first half of the first video is only a self introducing of van Johnson and Adobe marketing. The second half of it and the second video only shows the using of a simple b/w preset and the using of the well known gradient filter. The third video finally some local contrast enhancement. All in all only old stuff and joking around. Was that all?
    I hope to learn somthing new, to hear about Lightrooms future development, some new tricks, how pro´s are using it in their workflow. Something that is not for the Ligtroom beginner and non Raw user (if they really still exist?).
    Man, I´m very disappointet about this three episodes. They really wasn´t worth the time of downloading and viewing.

  2. Come on Cohen. Not everything Chris does is for pros. There are a lot of folks that have never seen Lightroom. If you’ve been around here for a while you know that Chris tries to introduce people to new things. Photo day was great for that. I understand your disappointment, but in my opinion your comments were a bit harsh. At my house the the Lightroom video took 3 minutes to download. If bandwidth is an issue, it appears to be on your end.

  3. I agree with Modeltweaker. I consider myself much more than a beginner (although I am a lightroom beginner), and if I learn something new, or even am just reminded of something during an episode, I think it has been worth my time…not to mention that Chris is actually interesting to listen to. Heck, even if I don’t learn something new, just hearing photography topics helps keep my mind thinking about it. I’ve had lightroom for only 2 months now, and given that I have a job and kids, time is limited…haven’t been able to actually read the manual yet. So I’m learning everything right now. Frederick talked about the post-crop vignette tool, which I had never used. Turns out that it added a great effect to some of my recent nature photography. Actually, Frederick only talked about blackening the edges, but it can also be used the other way to whiten them. A technique that I believe studios have been using for a long time with portraits.

    Yes, there is often some “dead” time in interviews, that doesn’t really add much for the listener. But all in all, I’m quite pleased with the shows.

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