tfttf393 – Abby Adventure

Abbey Adventure 2009 - Group Shot

This was a fun workshop about a lot of things, and with a great bunch of participants. Warning: this one gets quite geeky and might not entirely be safe for work. Listen with caution. Learn about backing up your files, focusing at night and find out why Pete doesn’t delete files.

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10 thoughts on “tfttf393 – Abby Adventure”

  1. I’m not able to download it from iTunes right now. Didn’t have an error message, just wouldn’t download.

  2. It seems to work fine for me now. We’ve been working through some issues with the media server in the last week or two.

    I’ll notify Chris.

  3. If you want to focus at night and the subject isn’t too far away, why don’t you just use a flashlight, either to light the subject or as a “focus beacon”. It should work for both, autofocus and manual focusing.

    Liveview with magnification can also be a great help to focus manually, especially at night (if your camera has that feature).

  4. You should check out for online backups. You can do multiple PCs at once, if you have too much data for the initial upload, they’ll send you a Drive to upload the base copy. They’ll also send you a drive if you have too much to download in the event of a failure.

    Love the show. Keep it up!!!

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