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Just in case you wondered, “Digital Photography Tips from the Top Floor” is now “Photography Tips from the Top Floor”.

Today Wallace wants to know if you really have to shoot landscapes with f/22, Andreas asks what a light meter is good for, Simon wants to know more about beanbags and I talk about traveling with film.

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3 thoughts on “tfttf505 – Light Meters, Landscapes, Beanbags – Donate for Japan at”

  1. Another tip on the use of beanbags. I keep two home-made beanbags in my truck, filled with rice. One is about 2-3 pounds, the other is about 5 pounds. I use them for photographing wildlife from the front seat of my truck. I set one beanbag on the door/window and rest my long lens on top of the beanbag. I then take the other beanbag and set it on top of my long lens. The extra weight resting on top of the lens really increases stability.


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