tfttf507 – Blame Canada (Everything About The Invisible Camera)

The Invisible Camera

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Author: Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is co-author of Absolut analog and The Film Photography Handbook. He hosts Tips from the Top Floor, the world's longest running photography show. Chris teaches photography all over the world on his photo tours. He is also a regular on the TWiT Network.

46 thoughts on “tfttf507 – Blame Canada (Everything About The Invisible Camera)”

  1. Again please. What was the reason for that? Gaining popularity? Fail in my opinion. I presume many people have been waiting for this project. Now you made them more sceptical about analogue photography in general. Congratulations you morons 🙂

  2. Total nonsense. Giving away people hopes & then ruining them in one click. Even if it’s April the 1st, you cant just start the whole stuff more than one week before the actual date. This prank is totally unfair & too big. I agree to Mike. I hope you made nice advertising campaign morons.

  3. Great April-Joke! Just listen to the vidoe and you can metions that this can´t be true. High Speed-Shutter and ISO 1/500? Bulletproof? Think! Or google it…

    I love this. And if you can calculate: 1 week from 25.3. is April 1st…

  4. @Colin

    What do you mean hopes?
    Did you or anyone else take the original video seriously?

    Sorry, but you only needed basic knowledge in photography or physics, or even common sense to know that this was a joke..

  5. I completely agree with Mike. Not only was there no point in doing this, you’ve let a lot of people down. This was not funny. You have no idea how stupid and completely useless this was.

  6. This is one of the best jokes I ever saw… I fell for it for 90%… but somewhere I knew it was a joke, great job, great video production, great acting Chris 🙂 I really enjoyed this.

  7. Great work guys, love it, i signed up knowing long before that this wasn’t going to come to fruition, but signed up anyway, “you never know” but the second video cracked me up. good on you guys, the best april fools for years, it will be remembered i’m sure.

  8. Thank you … I must admit to feeling a bit smug this morning… I GOT IT…I told my friend who first made me aware of your “project” that if it were a hoax, it would at least separate those that still believe in dreams and are in touch with the 8 year old inside that looks out
    at the world with uncontrolled amazement, and then we click the shutter, from those that
    are analytical and , shall we say a bit removed from dreaming..

    thanks again

  9. i enjoyed watching the whole thing. it looked real enough to make us wonder. too bad if some folks pinned their life’s hopes on it. a few people were ‘let down’. some sound angry. but watching the second video, it is hard not to be infected by the good spirit with which this was presented. i think that the disappointment expressed in the comments is a testament to the terrific job you guys did in conceiving and producing one of the best april fool’s jokes i have seen in a long time. i laughed out loud while watching part 2. nice job, men!

  10. Albert Einstein said it…

    “The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.”
    ….. ;o)

  11. It would be awesome if this inspires engineers to raise the bar and think outside the box when it comes to photographic technology.

    I think I get the spirit of the joke. But the sense of wonder you get from this is more like that of a magic trick, not real innovation.

    When the Ooos and Ahhs are over, real innovation leaves you with something concrete. A magic trick leaves you with nothing… Unless someone else takes the initiative to make that magic a reality.

    I didn’t fall for this completely, but I think deep down a lot of ppl who didn’t believe HOPED it was true. Not only b/c it would be unlike anything else out there, but because they just wanted to play with the technology. The real, concrete thing. Hence all of the test shooting sign ups.

    Anyway, I hope this inspires people in a way you hadn’t planned.

  12. It started my imagination for sure. Don’t get why people would be mad about this, it kinda gave away that it wasn’t real with all those superlatives… terapixels? ISO 1/500? Come on guys. This was a great thought starter

  13. And you all believe that there will be even one person that would tell ‘I did something great in photography (or I became more opened) because I was inspired by the prank made by Chris Marquardt? As far as my preferences are concerned, you’d have to be retarded or sth to be inspired by such ‘fantasy dream-booster 1st april prank’. What they did is simply odd and foolish and will contribute nothing positive to photography at all apart from our stupid discussion. I wish they did it differently. I just don’t get them 😐

  14. I loved this. I fell for it, and I’m not upset that it was a joke.

    For those upset by this, you might want to get your imagination checked – it may be broken.

    It inspired me. I can’t put a value on that. Thank you.

  15. As I finished the the introduction video the thoughts that came to my mind were what a bunch of physically totally impossible bullshit.. But I’m a nice person, even on the internet 😉
    Later when I noticed the apparently rush on the field test, some little doubts shook my opinion but something that unrealistic could never work.
    Nonetheless, the best and most thought out april fools joke! 🙂

  16. I absolutely loved this…
    There were a few moments early in that I thought that this was very interesting and a bit possible, but some of the tech specs then made me realize the spoof for sure.
    Even so, I watched the whole thing and enjoyed the dream of putting this “terapixel film” in my well used Hasselblads…
    Next step… R&D for a color transparency film to replace and surpass Kodachrome 25 as the best film ever produced… Long live K25!!
    Hail Kodachrome 0.002 😉
    Brilliant guys!!! Best April 1st spoof EVER!!!

  17. even better. went to watch it on you Tube and it is playing in 1911 mode as part of YouTube’s April joke.

  18. I loved the joke too!!!!!!! Actually drooled over the possibility of it all. However, when you were fanning the film around in broad daylight and claiming thaat the camera was “bullet proof”—-Well………………………There ya are!!!!!!!

    Very creative!!!!!!!!

  19. Yesterday, I watched the original video on the Invisible Camera. I believed it absolutely, completely, totally with wonder and delight!!! When I watched part 2, I was disappointed that it really didn’t exist, but it made me laugh! If a person can’t see the humor in it, I feel only pity for them.

    Thank you Chris and Allan for a cool distraction to the every day rat race of life. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!! It must have been fun dreaming up the concept and completing such a believable video.

  20. Great April Fools Prank Chris, you totally got me. I am still laughing at myself for falling for it hook line and sinker.

    I was so excited after watching the first video I quickly e-mailed my good friend, I did not even click the become a tester link because I was so excited. I thought it was real for about an hour then went and listened to your next episode and realized it was a joke.

    I am still laughing

    Chris I have been a listener since about episode 15 and have always like and admired you and your ability to have fun and laugh at yourself starting with the famous COW sound sing tour. In fact it is what makes me want to listen to you.

    Thanks for the April gift of laughing at myself and learning not to take myself too seriously.


  21. To all those getting angry. Lighten up! It was a JOKE. It was pretty well done too, but fairly obviously a hoax for anyone who cared to examine it closely. Why need a darkslide for example, when all along they are handling the sheet film in light? (along with so many other aspects of elementary physics) It was good to suspend disbelief for a little while however & I was so entranced by the idea that I even applied for the field test to get into the spirit of the thing, curious to see how the whole prank would unfold. I am tempted to build one myself as an object d’art!

  22. It amazes me how many people are getting angry at this. If anything the authors of this video did a great public service by showing the difference between open mindedness and gullibility. It’s a fine line, don’t walk on the wrong side of it.

    It’s nice to suspend disbelief for a while, and there’s nothing wrong with the idea that a new technology can radically break new grounds. However, within the playback time of this video, anybody calling themselves a photographer should have gone from “intriguing” to “this can’t be right”, to “way too good to be true” to “ludicrous”, to finally “hilarious”.

    Now it’s true that without an understanding of photographic principles (or some basic physics), it may be harder to spot the hoax for what it is. Still no one should simply believe what they hear on the internet just because it has a nice presentation attached to it (that’s the foundation for email scams…). Would you have given out a credit card number if you had been prompted for it? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, not just a claim that such evidence exists. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    You’ve been had, and for once it was a free lesson, now get over it.

  23. I thought you were kidding in the first video but something inside told me that if this were possible I’d be kicking myself to not have signed up – so I did.

    This was a good joke and a fabulously-produced video. The bulletproof part was one giveaway, and the film not having been talked about on some of the LF forums also a weak link, but overall this was fun.

    I wish I had your job! 😉


  24. Yesterday I ordered films at Spürsinn. Great store with excellent descriptions for all articles, good prices. I think they will get new customers instead of order cancellations.

    Again: Great job! Great video! Great “acting”!

  25. Great job!! loved the whole thing. And it did ignite my imagination. Ignore the “nah” sayers.

  26. well done…i’ve seen things like yours coming…from t-grain to quantum photography…don’t listen to the guys who alway tell you things can’t work…sometimes you have to think twice..thanks for the inspiration!

  27. This was great! Had me believing it for a few minutes until I saw the darkslide and the film being handled in broad daylight. I started laughing my ass off, and then all of a sudden a light went on in my head, which is not bullet proof, so those of you with no sense of humor ought to shoot me now! But, the light went on. This is do-able! I’m reminded of the ergonomic hammer I invented, which, among other things, measures the amount of calories used when pounding a nail. Also has a mechanism that detected flesh and stopped the motion before you smashed your finger. What an invention! Too good to be true, product of a baked mind. This video made me laugh cuz it’s just the sort of thing I would invent and then promote! Good work, guys! (P.S.- You want to know more about my hammer?)

  28. The rage from people who can’t take a joke is disappointing. It’s a great trick and a great process. Thanks for the creativity and inspiration!

  29. Great job guys! Although I’ve seen the video today, it sounded far too good to be true 🙂 Absolutely hilarious!

  30. Of course, this would not have been so effective if the accents and the others were French! It HAD to be Germans who came up with this. Well, had it been Japanese then perhaps near the same level of believability. American…probably not as there’s been little if any true innovation coming from them. Look at the Hollywood movies…reruns and rehashes. 🙁 Italian?…um no. Same for the Spanish. English (as in the UK)…again, no. What about the Nordic countries…forget it (they do make good cell phones but lost market share).

    Nope, it HAD to be German…logical, focused, driven to excel…HIGHLY believable.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Oh, and BTW…I’m German but born and raised in Canada, so I can speak to this without getting patriotic of my ancestry.


    Richard W.

  31. It was a great joke! Loved it.

    I want to subscribe to the two hosers podacst, but it does not seem to be possible 🙁

  32. I was one of the ones whose name must not be mentioned, requesting a camera for testing. I fell like a fool afterwards, but hey, that was a great joke. It is a great thing to be brought down a notch or two and to remember not to take oneself too seriously.

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