tfttf511 – European No Metering Shootout

Chris, Sean, Michelle and Allan each shot a roll of film without using a light meter – and the results were all well exposed. Using the “Sunny 16” rule and trusting their instincts, they were able to pull off perfect exposures in changing light conditions without metering.

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3 thoughts on “tfttf511 – European No Metering Shootout”

  1. he Chris,

    i really loved the show about the no metering. especially because 9 of my 10 shots are taken without metering. as a student money is short, but i wanted something else than the kitlens for my camera. this is when i discovered manual focus lenses. Nikon cameras are still able to mount their ancient MF lenses. yet my camera is not able to meter with them.

    and as you say on the show, you really get a feel for it. 2 months after my first MF lens i was able to get the shot right in one or two tries. and i think everyone should have done it once, since you become very much more consious about the light, and about your photographs.

    thanks a lot for the show,

    Koen Kallenberg

  2. it’s great to listen to people talking about their photos. liked this episode and learned a lot. thanks.

  3. Hi Chris, and hi to your guest, who are back in Canada I guess!

    I’m listening to your show for a while now. I’m a hobby fotographer, and I’m from Kirchheim Teck, YEAH! I bet you now where that is?

    I’m living in Vienna now and was listening to this show now. I’m packing stuff for my one week holiday at Wörthersee in Austria and I thought: Great! I’ll take my Minolta XD7. The elektronics is broken, but you can shoot with 1/100 mechanically. So I just packed it together with my other stuff and will by a film on my way to the train. I printed out the sunny 16 rule and give it a shot. THX a lot for that 🙂

    If something nice comes out out of this I’ll put it only somewhere 🙂

    have fun
    great show

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