tfttf522 – Future Proofing (the DIGITAL episode)

dorotheenstrNo celluloid has been harmed in making this episode, it is entirely digital! Chris talks about  using an iPad for photography, video in DSLRs, ways to trigger flashes and strobes and about future-proofing your digital photography.

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4 thoughts on “tfttf522 – Future Proofing (the DIGITAL episode)”

  1. Good backup tips.

    Here’s one additional strategy that I follow that you might be interested in.

    At the end of every year I buy a hard disk that will hold a backup copy of everything – just another disk like what you keep in your car. After creating this backup, I create a checksum of every file on the disk. I use ‘checksum’, a free Windows app by, and store the checksums on the same disk. This disk represents a snapshot of all my files, and the disk will never be written to again.

    Every year I run the ‘verify checksum’ utility against my snapshot disks. This checks the disks for ‘bit rot’, and also re-energies the magnetic ‘bits’ of all the data on the disks. This is a better approach than a random sampling of files, as you suggest (which is better than nothing).

    A snapshot disk is useful because some of your tens of gigi-bytes of data might get corrupted during the year and you won’t know until you try and use it. If this happens, there’s a strong likelihood that one of your snapshot disks will still be good.

    A 1.5 TB disk can be bought for ~$50, so it’s a cheap yearly expense.

  2. A good tip for iPad connectivity and cameras would be to use a eye-fi sd card which allows offline saving as a normal sd card but then contains a wifi link in the sd card, apps on all platforms mean to can wireless transfer you images ad-hoc

  3. Does anyone have any experience with the Adobe Carousel application for the Ipad it seems to be comparable with Photosmith?

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