tfttf528 – Kids, Music, Stability

img_1313Just three weeks left to Christmas, will Chris get all the presents together in time? Listen in as he answers listener questions about how to hold a DSLR (a topic that is not only very basic, but also very important to get right), a children’s pinhole camera project and find out what music and photography have in common. Hint: a lot more than you thought.

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2 thoughts on “tfttf528 – Kids, Music, Stability”

  1. Great episode Chris. I`m involved in audio recording etc too in a very small hobby/local bands type way. I`ve often thought about the similarities between audio recording and editing and photography and editing. Well explained! I also think often that mic selection is similar to les choice… spooky eh…!!

  2. Hey Chris,
    quite a good comparison that Audio-Photo philosophy. One thing that for me fits even more to compare the EQ to is the selective color adjust tool, which even looks like an EQ and, as you told, does the similar thing in photography.

    So far, merry Xmas and a happy new one in advance to all listeners and of course you Chris!


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