tfttf534 – Mystery VHS Tape

534Chris talks about his GPS workflow, or rather of what is left of it and how he deals with it now. Mark has a question about medium format scanners, Chris is now on the new Rest of Everest feed in High Definition. Also find out what is on the mystery VHS tape that Chris got sent without ordering it.

Oh, and the new PocketChris iPhone app is out!

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2 thoughts on “tfttf534 – Mystery VHS Tape”

  1. Hey Chris,
    Never ever play a mystery video tape if you don’t exactly know from whom it comes and what’s on it!! What if there was a VHS-Virus on the tape which had infected now the VHS-Recorder of your friend?? 😉 This could end in disadjusted video heads, tape jams or even in accidential deletion of the whole tape!! So be careful and if you ever again get such a mystery tape, let it run through the Virus Home-Scanner (VHS) before you play it 😉

    Cheers: Manuel

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’ve just listened to tfttf534 and my comment regarding your mystery video tape is to check the different recording formats. It could have been recorded in any one of the older (analogue) Worldwide Television broadcast formats: NTSC, PAL or SECAM.

    I think when you attempt to view a format on a VHS player that is incapable of displaying that specific signal, you will only see ‘snow’ on the screen.

    TFTTF is a great show! I enjoy listening to all your technical expertise, as well as your guests!

    Bruce from Canada

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