tfttf540 – Fix It In Camera

fixitinpostLightroom 4 is out but it has a migration bug that replaced all of the tone curves for Chris. Find the latest status on the personal blog of Chris.

How much can you fix in post and how much should you get right in camera? How about exposure, colors, highlights, perspective and focus? Chris ponders the powers of a modern tool like Lightroom 4.

Also learn about the One Shot, AI Servo and AI Focus modes.

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2 thoughts on “tfttf540 – Fix It In Camera”

  1. Chris,

    What have you been using for a white balance card? And are the white balance cards for exposure as well as balancing color? I remember when the whole white balance process started, you would use the white balance card for only that. If you put it next to a 18% grey card which were used for film cameras they were different. I don’t ever recall ever hearing anyone at the time state that a white balance card was also good for getting an exposure reading from. I have you found that today, the white balance card does both?

  2. Yes, Mark. I have cards that do both, exposure and white balance. Very handy. I hand them out at the workshops for participants to use and keep 😉

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