tfttf543 – Q and A

Today Chris talks about monopods, crop lenses on full frame cameras, night time urban photography under sodium lights and color profile differences between Lightroom and Photoshop.

Also: news from Adobe, the bug fix update for Lightroom 4 has been announced for the end of this week!

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2 thoughts on “tfttf543 – Q and A”

  1. Frank Doorhof has a lot of info on light meters on his website!

    I use two light meters, one Kenko 2100 with a spot meter and flashlight metering mode. The other is a simple incident analogue Seconic Twinmate that has a 30 degree spot meter this one i use when i just walk around as it fits in my pocket.
    The iPhone free light meter app does a good job, but somehow i need two hands to work it and often i have my camera without strap in one hand, that needs to be put on the street for metering and that is something i’m not fond at!

  2. FYI: Nikon DX lenses can be used on FX bodies and vice versa. The images will be smaller. The camera recognises the lens and crops the image automatically.

    (one more reason to go Nikon… 🙂 )

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