tfttf558 – Spilling The Beans

Francois wants to know about the different kinds of polarizers and James and Rick have teaching assignments .. and they make Chris spill the beans and put himself out of a job by telling you all his secrets about what goes into holding a photo workshop.

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» Feb 2017: Lake Baikal, Siberia
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» Nov 2017: Bhutan
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7 thoughts on “tfttf558 – Spilling The Beans”

  1. Hi Chris!
    Could You please check the audio levels for the mid-podcast music. I often listen to tfttf while I commute and due to noise I have the volume cranked up quite high. When the music comes in it’s a bit too loud.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Chris just downloaded your recent podcasts – sounds great for a workshop in the UK, frankly I’m surprised you haven’t had more response to this – But I’d be interested to here more…

  3. Chris, I’m a long time listener I love the show & it would be great to have you come to the UK and do a tour/workshops I would be interested so long as its NOT London how about doing a landscape workshop?
    How about visiting the peak district National Park or the Northeast coast?
    I have plenty of locations check out my flickr page most of my photos are geo tagged or feel free to contact me.

  4. Well I’m from London is ideal for street photography, but whilst it seems a natural place to have a workshop I think Chris N. has a point about a landscape workshop..
    As you have some experience of mountains Chris(tfttf) how about a workshop in Snowdonia Wales – guides permitting of course, which might bump the price up! … Another area to consider is The Jurassic Coast ( or the Cornish Coast (

  5. Great inputs, thanks all! I’m now looking at more than one workshops in the UK. I’m still going to try to do one near London, but not in central London, the cost would be prohibitive. I will release updates on the show as things develop.

  6. UK tour sounds great Chris !
    Purely for selfish reasons I’d prefer a location in Southern UK. It would make it a lot more viable for me with a busy young family etc. There are some beautiful locations here. Dorset and Cornwall have beautiful landscapes. Some wonderful fishing villages etc.

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