tfttf579 – Mirror Finish

Find out about the secret behind the car picture of the last episode, learn even more about card speeds, shoot macros of proof coins without the camera reflection and learn how to deal with a CLEAR NO in street photography.

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10 thoughts on “tfttf579 – Mirror Finish”

  1. Hi Chris,
    From listening to the show and looking at the photo for this week. It looks to me like you are taking a photo of a reflection in an frozen lake/pond. I think producing the photo in monochrome certainly adds more mystery.
    Great show, keep up the good work.

  2. to reduce the reflections on the coins, it maybe helps if the camera is hide behind an white tissue like a softbox front. With two cheap slave flashes you could bring light to the coin and a little cut only the lens.

  3. As others mentioned its related to the coin question. More so the tips given by Chris: Back off, Shoot at an angle, Crop, and fix in post processing. Looks like Chris shot the image upside down corrected it in post and cropped/moved back so that only the reflection of the man is seen, some of which was done in post.

  4. Just finished listening to the show and the fellow named Scott who was shooting proof coins said that when he backed off and zoomed in the camera wouldn’t focus. This is because you were still in macro mode. If you are not super close to the coin then you no longer need to be in macro mode. Put the camera in regular photography mode and zoom in from several feet away. That should solve your problem.

  5. I think the photo is more related to the discussion on street photography and using less intrusive ways of getting a shot. In this case a picture with camera facing down into a puddle and then flipped round.

  6. This picture is related to the topic because it is an image of a reflection. It does not show any part of the camera or photographer because of the angle from the camera to the wet pavement to the subject. Sorry if I repeated other comments. I didn’t read them first.

  7. It looks to me like the photo is a related to both street photography and to shooting a reflective surface at an angle. I LOVE it!

  8. It is a picture taken at an angle that is a couple of degrees off so that you do not get the camera in the reflection

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