tfttf580 – Why Photography Is Like Gardening

Kew Gardens, © 2006 Chris Marquardt

Find out the secret behind the reflection picture on the last episode, Release Pixie Matt Ravsitar Armstead has a great tip with regards to coin photography, James wants to start a photo club, we’ll look into the differences of sharpness in film and digital and we’ll find out what photography and gardening have in common.

Yes, gardening.

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3 thoughts on “tfttf580 – Why Photography Is Like Gardening”

  1. This handsome fellow must be an example of a sharp image as discussed in the episode. No idea if the image is digital or scanned from a film negative. Love the picture!

  2. I like how this critter pops out at you, and looks like he’s looking right at you. The dof helps make him stand out, and the contrast of his greenness against the mostly grey/brown around. Looks like something you might find in a garden (nice analogy you made btw).

    These photos used to show up as album art in the feed, was nice to see them directly on the ipod. Was that an intentional change, that we get only the tfttf logo now? A lovely logo, but a pity not to see the photos with the episode. 🙂

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