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Chris has a discussion with his guest C.J. Chilvers on why you shouldn’t trust someone like Chris telling you how to do your photography. Also a look behind the scenes of how to build a wall paper pack with 20 images at 12 different crops, making this a whopping 240 individual files and another great watch-this video tip, today a photoshoot with Benedict Cumberbatch. More here

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Photo tours with Chris Marquardt:
» Sep 2016: Donegal
» Feb 2017: Lake Baikal, Siberia
» May 2017: Svalbard/Spitzbergen
» Nov 2017: Bhutan
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13 thoughts on “tfttf671 – Don’t Trust Chris”

  1. I want a free Iceland wallpaper pack because…
    I would have loved to make it to the actual workshop but having a baby is expensive!

    And a comment about the show… I’m so torn on the argument of ‘gear’ vs. just going out and shooting. I’m a complete nerd and have always been interested in the gear aspect of any hobby I’ve had (as a sound engineer/musician, cars, bicycles, the list goes on). There is something magical about lusting over gear – and while no amount of gear will make you a better photographer it’s tough to argue that getting your hands on a new piece of gear isn’t inspiring. And that’s what it’s really about.. inspiration to get out and SHOOT! That’s what makes you a better photographer! If you’re having a tough time finding the inspiration to get out the and take pictures, maybe a new piece of gear is just the ticket!

  2. Hey Chris,
    Long time, first time.
    I want the Iceland wallpaper pack because…
    I want to try it myself with my Northern Lights shots from Alaska. Plus your Iceland shots are great and I have this hi res screen on my Note 4 that screams for beautiful occupants!
    Best to you Chris,

  3. Chris,

    I want the Iceland wallpaper pack because…

    Originally from the US (where I stumbled upon TFTTF years ago), and now living in Berlin for nearly three years, FINALLY got to attend a workshop with Chris (in English!) in Stuttgart, wanted SO BAD to go to Iceland with the group (tix are cheaper from Germany, right?!), but just couldn’t pull it off. Been travelling quite a bit around Europe, but haven’t got to Iceland (yet?!). Would love to have the pack to live vicariously through Chris’ lens…

    Thanks for the show, the motivation, and all of the other little things you bring to this great hobby for all of us – keep up the good work!!

  4. I want a free Iceland wallpaper pack because… I really hope to make it there one day but in the meantime I have to make do with the snow in Toronto 🙂 As always, great inspiration!

  5. Hi Chris!

    Great show this week! I’ve picked up a copy of “A Lesser Photographer” and it a great read.

    I want a free Iceland wallpaper pack because… I want to be inspired. I’m about to start using my film camera and would love to see the possibilities of film. 🙂

    Keep up the great work Chris!

  6. Hey Chris!

    I want the Iceland wallpaper pack because…

    I’m going to Iceland for 3 weeks in July to visit my partner’s extended family so I would really love some inspiration before my trip. We will be travelling around a lot so hopefully I can capture some amazing images to create my own wallpaper pack.


  7. Hi Chris! Been listening to your show for a couple months now, and I truly appreciate your attitude about gear vs. creativity. It’s a refreshing change in a world obsessed with “the next thing”!

    I want the Iceland wallpaper pack because I’m an amateur photographer looking for inspiration to change things up from the same kinds of pictures I always seem to take, and having your beautiful photos there to see on my phone and computer every day would be fantastic!

  8. I want the ‘free’ Iceland Wallpaper Pack because… I like your podcasts.

    I always learn something from listening to Tips from the Top Floor.

    Thank you for the so and keep up the good work !

  9. Hey, Chris! I may be one of the few who recently found your show because of the Two Hosers podcast, but am glad I did!

    I want the Iceland wallpaper pack because…

    Iceland is on my photography bucket list and I would love to be able to look at some amazing pictures of that country on my desktop. It would serve as inspiration to keep saving up for that trip that I hope to take in a couple of years.

  10. I want the free Iceland Wallpaper Pack because…

    …my favorite photography teacher once said: “Freebies are always good!”

  11. Thx for another great show!
    Interesting interview with CJ. 🙂
    Not the camera makes the photo, it’s the person behind the camera. 😉

  12. Hey Chris,
    Is it possible to post links to the tools that you used for the wallpaper pack? I’d like to give it a try, and the tools sounded great.

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