tfttf726 REPOST – The Speed of the Curtains


This is with the fixed audio. It was entirely my fault, I messed this up in the edit. My apologies – Chris

David has some great points about muscle memory and how resetting your camera after you used it will make you a faster photographer. Robert wonders how he should manage and rename the photo files on his hard drive. Brad wants to know how old the light on the top of the frame is compared to the light on the bottom of the frame and Charles has read about a strange beast called the “Technical Camera” and Chris sheds some light on what it is, who uses it and how it works.

The Film Photography Handbook hardcover is out now!

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Something amazing just happened: the ship is ours now!

The 2017 Svalbard/Spitzbergen tour is shaping up to be among the most impressive ones I’ve ever offered. Svalbard is as close as most of us will ever get to the North Pole and the wildlife up there is so diverse, they often refer to it as the Galapagos of the Arctic.

The amazing news: instead of our original plan of renting cabins on the ship, we have just changed this to a full charter. E.g. we will be the only ones on board, no other passengers, just us photographers. \o/ This also means we will have FULL CONTROL over where the ship goes and stops. Circle around that iceberg two more times? You got it! Get a bit closer to that polar bear? Sure.

The Noordenlicht has 20 berths, we are 2 instructors, so we can take a total of 18 photographers with us. We already sold 10 spots, so that’s 8 to go.


Want to be one of them? This way please:

The Noorderlicht has 20 berths in 10 cabins.
The Noorderlicht has 20 berths in 10 cabins.

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