Your Voice Is Beautiful!! (and I want to hear it)

Chris MarquardtHey you wonderful bunch! Chris here.

As many of you will know, I’ll be traveling during most of January. I’m going to pre-record episodes for that time. And guess what, I’d love to hear YOUR voice on the show! Get your questions answered, tell a fun photo-related story, almost anything goes as long as it’s remotely related to photography.

And the by far best way to get your question on the show is if you record it. Don’t worry, I’ll make you sound good.

Here are the two most simple and best methods to get your question on one of the January episodes:

(Note: the old voicemail phone number is out of service)

Method 1: fire up any voice memo app on your smart phone, record your question and send it via email to [email protected] (best to start it with your name and where you’re from, like “Hey, this is Nancy from New York and I was wondering…”)

Method 2: go to and click/tap the orange bar on the right, then follow the instructions

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

PS: don’t use the US voice mail box for now, it seems to have a few issues lately.

Full 13-minute interview with Philip Briggs released

bradt-guide-coverLast year, I met Philip Briggs, the author of the Bradt Guide to Ethiopia (which is definitely the best Ethiopia guide there is), at the rim of Erta Ale, an active volcano in Ethiopia. In the evening we sat together in a shelter and talked about what makes Ethiopia what it is and how he came to write the book – and keep it up-to-date for seven editions.

You can find the full 13-minute interview with Philip on the website of our Dutch/Ethiopian local operator Hans:

North American Analog Photographers: we need your help!

Help us with our lists and you might find your own name in our analog photography book!

If you listened to any of the last ten (or likely many more) episodes of any of our podcasts, you can’t have missed our book writing process. It’s now just a few days until we will finally hold the result in our own hands and we are very excited.

We have also started to work on the translation to English. Or rather, the translator has.

Translating a book is more than just saying the same things in a different language. It’s more than trying to hit the same tone that the book had in its original language. Translating a book also requires a lot of localization. Measurements for example. We weigh in grams, the US weighs in ounces. We measure in centimeters, the US measures in inches. But film is sometimes measured in millimeters (35mm anyone?) no matter where you are, and at other times in inches (4×5″) – again, independent of where you live.

There’s quite a bit of research that has to go into this process. But it gets even more involved when we look at availability of certain products.

An example: in the book we write about the home-brew Caffenol, which is a coffee-based developer. The washing soda that you add has a different consistency here than it has in the US.

But here is our biggest issue right now – and this is where we’re asking you for your help: our book features several lists of films: black and white films, color negative films, slide films, specialized films. And some of them are not readily available in the US, so we can’t prominently include them.

If you’re a film photographer in North America, please help us identify the films that you can’t easily buy and some current ones that we might be missing on this list.

The black-and-white film list – pt 1:

Black-and-white film list – pt 2:

Slide films:

Color negative films – pt 1:

Color negative films – pt 2:

Specialized films and remaining stock:

If you have any info to enlighten us, please leave a comment below or send a mail to [email protected] – if you can help us, we might even be able to get your name into the book 😉

What we’re specifically looking for:

– which of the films on this list are available in the US under different names? (e.g. we need a new table with matches)

– do you know any of the films on the specialist list and where to get them in the US?

– do you know of any importers who might carry the Euro films?