FUNDRAISER: Update 2015-05-01

Here are some current stats:

We have just crossed the $6000 line, coming from 182 sales of the People in the Himalayas photo ebook. That’s an average of over $30 per ebook sale.

The payments come in through two main channels: PayPal and Stripe (that’s what we use to handle credit card payments), depending on what the customer chose in our online shop.

PayPal is the quickest path and the bulk of whatever we receive through that channel goes out with as little delay as possible. So far we have donated $3000 to and $1000 to from this bucket. We have also made two direct payments to people in need, you can read more on that here and here.

The credit card payments through Stripe will come in with a delay (it’s a 7 day sliding window), so we don’t have access to those funds just yet. We will donate those as they become available and keep updating you here.

Thanks again for your continued support, we are humbled by your help!

FUNDRAISER: Two Children lost their mom

We have just received a call for help from our Sherpa friend Dawa in Kathmandu. He accompanied us on our trek last year and got word that two children (Asisha Rai and Anisha Rai) miss their mother. She wasn’t found after the earthquake and they need support.

Asisha Rai and Anisha Rai miss their mother
Asisha Rai and Anisha Rai’s mother has gone missing during the earthquake

We have just transferred 20,000 Nepalese Rupees (about 177 EUR) from the ebook sales via Western Union. Dawa will pick it up and help the two childen directly.

FUNDRAISER: Maya Sherpa Project donation

We have just donated $1000 of the fundraiser photo ebook proceeds to the Maya Sherpa Project. This brings the overall donations from our fundraiser to over $4000. Thank you all so much for your support!! Please consider telling others about this project!

We know the Maya Sherpa Project personally and 100% confident that our donation will quickly reach those who need it most. Their focus is on supporting Sherpas in remote Himalayan villages. Those villages are the ones that need help most at this point.

Sherpas in remote Himalayan villages
Sherpas in remote Himalayan villages

Here is their page on the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. Please feel free to also directly donate to them.