Win an iPod Shuffle!

Win an iPod Shuffle!

Here’s your chance to win an iPod Shuffle! The contest is open until Aug/21!

Submit a self portrait (max size 800×700 pixels, 150kbyte) and send it to [email protected] with “self portrait” in the subject and your own name as the name of the image. One image per listener only please.

A jury of professional photographers will select the winner after the contest has closed.

And for a second chance to win an iPod Shuffle, check out Franklin McMahon’s Media Artist Secrets podcast!

Server hiccup

Had a server hiccup yesterday that kept some of you from getting to the web site and the galleries. It has to do with the load that the server lately has to cope with, and we’re working hard on getting some hardware with a bit more oompf. Things should be faster and better within the next 2 weeks. Until then let’s hope the poor little machine will be okay 🙂

tftf46 – Contrast and Brightness with Layers

Today’s show is your chance to win an iPod Shuffle! In addition we’ll take a step into Layer Land again and look at how to change Brigthness and Contrast of your images using Layers.

“Old Barn” (click image for larger version)

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