tfttf218 – Histogram – The Tech Guy

Find out how Chris and Leo Laporte discover the Histogram. This segment originally aired on The Tech Guy radio show #355 on the Premiere Radio Networks on May 26th 2007

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tfttf215 – Focus and Recompose – The Tech Guy

It’s time again for Leo Laporte and Chris Marquardt to talk photography on the Tech Guy radio show.

Today’s question: How do you make sure to get the focus exactly where you want it on your pictures?

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Yes, Tips from the Top Floor on The Tech Guy!

Starting this weekend, Chris will appear on Leo Laporte’s radio show The Tech Guy as the photography expert. You can listen to the show live on XM Satellite Radio channel 152 as well as on a lot of terrestrial radio stations all over the US. The show will be made available as a podcast the week after the broadcast.

The live show is usually broadcast on XM Extreme 152 on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm eastern time and re-run both days at 8pm.

Leo Laporte loves TFTTF!

Almost live from the PodcastExpo, Chris talks to Leo Laporte! And guess what.. Leo’s even been to Tübingen before.

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To see more of Chris’ adventures at the PodcatExpo, check out the ExpoCaster web site and subscribe to the ExpoCaster podcast (VIDCAST!)

Who is the ExpoCaster?

Sorry, this is in German only, so maybe it’s finally time to learn a new language?! 🙂

It’s a short Promo for the ExpoCaster project where I will bring daily video, audio and picture reports from the PodcastExpo to the German podcast audience. I’m the only German podcaster who has won the award this year, and I’m the only German podcaster ever to actually go and pick it up in person. As this wouldn’t be a fit for the TFTTF feed, a large German newspaper has agreed to write about it and host a special one-off podcast around it. Yey! Publicity!

I’ll try to get interviews with some of the famous podcasters (say Dawn & Drew, Leo Laporte, Rob Walch, Scott Fletcher, …)

Oh.. and *some* of the content will definitely be in English, so it’s still worth signing up!!

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