Chris live on TV on Friday, Jul/25 1pm PST

Picture by nahlinse

Mark your calendars! On Friday, July/25 at 1pm PST (that’s 9pm in UK, 10pm in Germany) Chris will drive up north of San Francisco to Petaluma and visit Leo Laporte. And you can watch live on Leo Laporte’s We’ll spend a couple of hours talking about all things photography, looking at gadgets and just have a fun time geeking out.

tfttf196 video – Lenshood

Why does it make sense to always use a lenshood? Find out on today’s show!

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tftf – 90-second thunderstorm promo

What would be the best thing to do when in the middle of the night a big thunderstorm is coming up? Hide under your bed? Unplug the TV’s aerial? Check that the lightning rod is still okay?

Well, you could as well grab your camera and spend an hour trying to catch pictures of lightning bolts…

Here’s a 90-second promo for Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code right from the middle of a thunder storm

And above all it’s a sneak preview of the next episode of tips from the top floor where I’ll take you on a sound-seeing tour of lightning photography… stay tuned!

Download the Promo: