tftf49b – Self Portrait Award Show

Announcing the Self Portrait contest winners!

First prize:
An iPod Shuffle goes to Robert Louis Meyers

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The jury says:

“I just love this photo! The impact was immediate and really captures the soul of the person. Everything from the lighting to the composition just works. On a technical note, I normally try to keep the grain down to as little as possible, but in this case the grain actually adds to the photo.” (Steven Georges)

“This one is very moody and atmospheric, love the grain and the use of stark whites and blacks. Leaves a lot to the imagination and it gets me thinking about what the subject is thinking about, a good hallmark of a well done photo.” (Franklin McMahon)

“This picture is an excellent example of grain adding a lot to a picture. The picture also tells a story, and not just one, but many, and it’s a different story for everyone who looks at it.” (Chris Marquardt)

Second prize:
A Beanbag made by listener Lee Caligiuri goes to Tucker Walsh

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The jury says:

“This photo had that mysterious feel to it. The placement of the camera and lighting came together to capture the mood. The transparent subject was the perfect idea that brings the rest of the photo together. To quote my kids when they saw it, ‘Ooooooooooh…..’ ” (Steven Georges)

“Love the backlight and the use of the long exposure to capture (I assume) the lights of the cars passing by. The red car light compliments the lush greenery and the moisture on the road gives it an added damp feel. ” (Franklin McMahon)

“This is one of the images that I came back to over and over. First of all, using long exposure in a self portrait is a great approach, and the feeling of this picture is wonderful. The light behind the leaves, the red lights (car? bicycle?) in the background and the translucent subject play together really well.” (Chris Marquardt)

Third prize:
A Beanbag made by listener Lee Caligiuri goes to Wayne Smerdon

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The jury says:

“This is the type of photo that gets you to call your friends over and say, ‘Hey, check this out!’ The expression makes the photo. This is what I feel like after spending long hours on my laptop with PhotoShop” (Steven Georges)

“The cyan backdrop and orange hued subject are complimentary colors and blend well for a more pleasing visual feel. The expression definitely grabs your attention!” (Franklin McMahon)

“This picture made me smile. What a priceless expression, and a well executed montage too. After this week of working away to get everything prepared for an upcoming vacation, I feel about the same ;)” (Chris Marquardt)

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Author: Chris Marquardt

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