Workshops Workshops Workshops

So many questions about the workshops and still nothing to announce? Far from it. We’re getting really close now to make everything official!

In the mean time, here are some details on what’s planned and where (and when)

In total we’re looking at 12 workshops in 2008:

4 in Tübingen, Germany [timing tbd] (TFTTF, English)
4 in the US during August (TFTTF, English)
2 in Tübingen, Germany in May and in the October time frame (Happy Shooting, German)
2 in Northeim, Germany in March and October (Happy Shooting, German)

The German-language Happy Shooting workshops are open for registration now, click here to find out more!

The Tips from the Top Floor workshops will be announced here in the blog and on the show as soon as we have everything sorted.

Author: Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is an educator and podcaster. He wrote Wide-Angle Photography and is the co-author of The Film Photography Handbook and Absolut analog. He's the host of this podcast and a few others. Chris teaches photography all over the world. He is a regular on the TWiT Network.