tfttf651 – Match Machines

Yes, you an I and everyone is a Match Machine!

We Match Patterns

Today on the show Chris will discuss clichΓ© cameras, and why people relate to some pictures more than others. It’s quite amazing actually.

The pattern matching thing itself is pretty cool. Once you realize that humans are very pattern-driven beings, it becomes quite obvious how to improve your photography and direct the attention of the viewer to places that match certain patterns. There are match hierarchies, e.g. some things match stronger than others. There are also other hierarchies that we match on, but next to colors, patterns are one of the strongest matches that we have.

Let’s start with eyes. Eyes and the human face are on the top of the list. They are super strong matches and you can almost guarantee that a viewer will be drawn to them. And it gets weirder: we aren’t just drawn to actual faces, we are drwan to the match of a face. Or in short: to things that are similar to faces. We recognize faces in thing all the time, some unintentional (look at the clouds), but some very deliberate (look at the front of a car).

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