People of the Himalayas Fundraiser: $15,000 And Counting

Chyangmiteng Social Welfare Group Food Donations
Donations have also gone to the Chyangmiteng Social Welfare Group to buy supplies for the villages outside of Kathmandu

Thanks to you, the most amazing community on the planet, we have now been able to collect $15,000 through our People of the Himalayas photo book fundraiser. Here is a note that I received from the President of the Maya Sherpa Project, one of the organizations we have given funds to:

“Namaste Chris! Thank you so very much for the donations to Maya Sherpa Project! Portions of the founds were used for the food and supplies drive in last week and this week by the Sherpa (Chyangmiteng Social Welfare Group) in and nearby Kathmandu valleys. We will continue to support for the future food and supplies drive. Portions of the donations will be used for helping to rebuilt schools they were damaged by the earthquake in Solukhumbu region!”

Thanks everyone for making a difference!

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Author: Chris Marquardt

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