tfttf713 – Truly Precise Focus



In this episode Chris talks about the difference between the Arctic and the Antarctic. Jon Miller comes on the show to tell you about the new Kodak Super 8 film camera that he saw at CES. Chris will also discuss the why and how of manual focusing. Conclusion: a) it is okay to manual focus, b) it can be really beneficial to focus manually (depending on situation or depending how much control you want or how precise you will be), c) different lenses are better at manual focussing and last but not least d) practice makes perfect.

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Author: Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt is an educator and podcaster. He wrote Wide-Angle Photography and is the co-author of The Film Photography Handbook and Absolut analog. He's the host of this podcast and a few others. Chris teaches photography all over the world. He is a regular on the TWiT Network.