919 And I Froze

Chris invites you into the world of building new neural pathways by talking about one of the biggest learning experiences he had in a long time. Also: how about using video tools to inspire some new photo editing tools?


  • [AI, PHOTO] Greg Rutkowski : Fantasy artist Greg Rutkowski is not happy. His name shows up in a substantial number of AI art generation prompts to make the results more like his art style. While that made him much more known, it also means that it’s now fairly simple to create art that is inspired by his style.
  • [PHOTO, CREATIVITY] Coming from Video : Video production and editing has a few tools to offer that we could use in photography. A few have made their way into still photography already, such as LUTs for color grading and some cameras even offer zebra stripes to make manual exposure easier. But there are more that we haven’t really seen in still photography yet. One being video waveforms for judging exposure and node-based editors for more control over editing.
  • [PHOTO, CREATIVITY, AI] And I Froze… : Sitting in front of an empty text box can be a very daunting task. Chris talks about how his experience building the first prompts was very similar to that of AI god Andrei Karpathy and how he tries to cover both his caution regarding AI-induced societal changes and his excitement of building new brain pathways.

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