922 Free Camera Choice

Convenience always wins. That’s why the iPhone camera app is by far the most used one. Not because it’s the best but because it’s the quickest to reach from the iOS lock screen. Not any longer. Chris presents a method to launch ANY camera app to the lock screen with a single tap. Glorious!

Also: a new tool that adds English subtitles to any video on Twitter, new AI tools in Lightroom and not even two months after its open source release, StableDiffusion has just announced their next steps: video, audio and 3D. Mind-blowingly quick developments.


  • [COOL] Game Changer: Start Any Camera From Your Lock Screen : This is not click bait. You can now launch any camera app you like straight from the iPhone’s lock screen. No weird hacks.
  • [AI] Vidtranslator : Did you find a video on Twitter that is not in English? AI to the rescue. Reply with `@vidtranslator translate` to any tweet that has a video and it’ll add English captions.
  • [AI, PHOTO] AI-Masks in Lightroom
  • [AI, PHOTO] SD announcements : The StableDiffusion art generator has been released into the wild two months ago, followed by a huge wave of new tools and creative uses of the technology. They just had an announcement of their next steps. Video. 3D and Audio. Can’t wait to see where this is going.

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