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Oh look, it’s a new episode! Reframing shots in 3D, a relaunched website, listener feedback, a look at NeRFs (no, not the toy guns) and the importance of the real world experience.


  • [NEWS] Relaunched chrismarquardt.com : Chris has been working on a new website design to better showcase his various skills, experiences and showcase his art and projects. The website is organized into clear categories, making it easy to see the full range of what Chris does. The design focuses on simplicity and minimalism, with a clean and straightforward layout. If you have a moment, check it out at chrismarquardt.com and let Chris know what you think!
  • [COOL] : Stable Diffusion is now available offline, on your device. This new development allows for offline image generation on iPhones without the need for the cloud. It includes a range of features and customizable parameters, as well as the option to download specialized models. Although these models are large, they enable offline generation.
  • [PHOTO] Corridor Nerf : Chris has been exploring the potential uses of NeRFs in photography. NeRFs are a machine learning-based method for rendering photorealistic images, allowing for the complex interactions of light and materials to be replicated. One possible application is the reframing of photos in 3D, allowing for new perspectives to be created. While the technology is not yet production-ready, there is a clear path for its future development.
  • [PHOTO, AI] Drone nerf : Great example of using a NeRF in photography: Someone has been using old drone footage to generate a NeRF and modify the flight path, effectively 3D editing the video. This allows for variable focal length, the addition of a dolly zoom, and modification of the drone’s position in space.
  • [PHOTO] Oliver’s Romaina Photos : Oliver sent in some great feedback about his own Romania travels. Here are his travel blogs (in German) and photos.
  • [PHOTO, NEWS, CREATIVITY] The importance of the real experience : The trend towards virtual experiences is hard to miss. That’s why Chris is offering a real-world photo road trip to eastern Europe in response. The trip will allow participants to experience the sounds, sights, and culture of the regions, as well as spend time together honing their photography skills. Chris is currently forming two teams of three participants each and will be hosting a video chat to get to know each other before the trip. More information is available on the website.

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