The secret to making your wide angle lens even wider – for free

Every time I prepare a photo tour that centers on landscape photography, there are questions on what photo equipment to bring. The most common theme regarding lenses is: the wider the better. But while that’s a natural instinct, a super wide angle is not necessarily the best choice for your landscape photography.

Our eyes

Let’s first have a look at the angle of view that our eyes can cover. Continue reading “The secret to making your wide angle lens even wider – for free”

tfttf606 – Farnborough Abbey


Yet another workshop episode, this time from St. Michael’s Abbey in the heart of Farnborough, England. We meet a great group of people who are having a ton of fun learning everything about things like light, architecture, exposure, colors and image composition.

Includes a very special musical appearance by Simon Taylor who also co-hosted and helped organize the entire workshop.


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tfttf497 video – What Color Actually Is 2/3 – Photo Day 2010

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Chris Marquardt and Ray Maxwell talk about what color actually is. And it’s not as straightforward as one might think…

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