Join me at Out of Chicago IN-DEPTH and GET $50 OFF

Out of Chicago IN-DEPTH Photo Workshop Weekend

Aug 21-23 2020 will bring you an exciting live online photography workshop weekend with 35+ advanced, exciting sessions from world-class photographers (and I still can’t believe that I got accepted to teach with them! Yey! \o/)

For each session, two photographers will team up to deep-dive into a topic from multiple angles. And I couldn’t be happier to have teamed up with the wonderful Valérie Jardin! Our session is Unleash the power of Limitations: From Digital to Film with Valérie Jardin and myself.

Check out the amazing line-up of over 35 sessions at the Out of Chicago website.

Also: Get $50 off with discount code CHRIS

What you get:

  • Attend via video and get access to all session recordings for 12 months.
  • Assigments to get you shooting
  • A private community group to give you a chance to talk to others
  • Epic hands-on image group reviews

So join me using this link and use promo code CHRIS on checkout to save $50.

899 The Future of Photography Education

In this episode Chris looks at creativity, how it often depends on the right puzzle pieces to come together at the right time, and how a little bit (or a lot) of pressure can bring this all together and allow you to make it into something entirely new. Like the new interactive teaching platform that Chris has just released:



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898b A Few Words, 05-JUN-2020

video version

The world is a crazy place right now.. and I’ve been struggling whether I should say something here, whether I should use this podcast as a platform, because this is a show about photography. But right now, it’s about human beings and about how we treat each other, this is about things being invisible that should be visible.

And I know I’ll get push-back for this, “stay in your lane”, “stick to photography”, heard all these things before, but that’s fine.. I know that’s not the big majority of you.
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