tftf – Vacation Special 0 of 4

I’m very happy to have Mark Hunter from the Tartanpodcast on today’s show! He’s an amateuer photographer and host of the Tartanpodcast at, a great show with lots of independent Scottish music!

There’s also a new assignment starting today! The topic is Motion. Please do not send your images in via e-mail, but use the assignment upload form for this purpose.

Just don’t let yourself be confused by my numbering for this show starting at 0 .. I squeezed it in after having finished the production of the other 4 vacation shows, so this was the only way to stay somewhat consistent 🙂

“Red Beetle” by Mark Hunter (click image for larger version)

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tftf50 – Anniversary Show

“Towers” (click image for larger version)

Show #50!


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Forum taking off

WOW! You guys rock!! Big time!!!

The tips from the top floor forum has been up for 3 days only and look at those stats!

Thanks to everyone who helped make that forum launch a tremendous success!

… if you haven’t seen the new forum yet, make sure to pay it a visit. There’s a nice and relaxed crowd hanging out there, we have a welcome committee and you can ask any photography related questions, no matter how embarassing they might feel to you.

And if that’s not enough incentive, you can even win an Iomega REV drive by joining in.. 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot, there’s of course always some (German) beer in the forum’s fridge for you!