tfttf031 – Depth-of-Field

Did you ever wonder why everything in a picture tends to be in focus with a digital point-and-shoot camera and with a DSLR you’re likely to have just your subject in focus but the background blurred? Today’s Depth-of-Field day! Many of the listeners have been asking for more information about this topic and here it is: DOF explained in detail!

“Bahndamm” (click image for larger version)

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tfttf030 – The Right Moment

A big WELCOME to all new listeners!! Today’s the first day after iTunes 4.9 has been released. And it’s really exciting to see how the listener numbers are skyrocketing after Podcasts are now part of the iTunes directory and can be subscribed to with a a single click.

If you’re still downloading the show directly from the web site, you might want to check into iTunes 4.9. Inside iTunes just click on Podcasts, then in the directory enter “photography” in the search box and you’ll easily find the show.

Today’s show is about getting the right moment.

“The Right Moment” (click image for larger version)

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