tfttf502 – 5000 Slides

Gruppenbild Hannover Februar 2011 Spielzeugladen-Workshop

Chris tells the story of an unusual vertical panorama group shot from the first workshop of this season. Also: the inverse hybrid process where you create wet prints of digital images, and what to look out for when scanning 5000 negatives.

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Announcement: Everest Trek is now Himalayan Workshops


We tweeted about it for a couple of days, but just in case you don’t follow any of us (we are @restofjonmiller, @nahlinse and @chrismarquardt on Twitter), here is the announcement again:

Jon, Monika and I will go back to the Himalayas in 2011.
We will take up to 15 photographers with us.
You can be part of this life-changing experience!

The official website has all the information:

» Kailash Workshop 2011