Please Donate for the Hurricane Victims!!

I encourage all the listeners to support the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There’s a great need and it’s urgent. Unfortunately I can’t setup something to collect the money myself, but I suggest you donate through the American Red Cross. You can donate as little as $5 (and as much as you like of course)

To donate, please click on the Red Cross image.

Thank you!

tftf – Vacation Special 0 of 4

I’m very happy to have Mark Hunter from the Tartanpodcast on today’s show! He’s an amateuer photographer and host of the Tartanpodcast at, a great show with lots of independent Scottish music!

There’s also a new assignment starting today! The topic is Motion. Please do not send your images in via e-mail, but use the assignment upload form for this purpose.

Just don’t let yourself be confused by my numbering for this show starting at 0 .. I squeezed it in after having finished the production of the other 4 vacation shows, so this was the only way to stay somewhat consistent 🙂

“Red Beetle” by Mark Hunter (click image for larger version)

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tftf50 – Anniversary Show

“Towers” (click image for larger version)

Show #50!


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