I accidentially put the link to Adam Curry’s show into the RSS feed for tips from the top floor last night (sorry, was too tired I guess) – which means that some of you might have downloaded Adam’s show thinking it was a tips from the top floor episode. Well, I’ve removed it from the feed now, sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.

Promo on Daily Source Code

Yes, Adam Curry played the tips from the top floor Thunderstorm Promo on his Daily Source Code Show #250 (direct link to the show mp3.dailysourcecode.podshow.com/DSC-250-2005-09-30.mp3) on Sep/30/2005. Thanks Adam, I appreciate it!

If you don’t know who Adam Curry is, he’s the Podfather. He’s the one who kicked off the whole podcasting thing. Some of you might know him from his days as an MTV VJ in the 80s.

Check out hit show at dailysourcecode.com