Win an Iomega REV drive!

How about winning a 35GB Iomega REV drive? It’s simple, all you’ll have to do is to sign up on the new tips from the top floor forum and post an intro about yourself in the listeners area.

The giveaway starts now, and the winner will be drawn from all who posted an intro on the listeners forum by October 1st 2005.

And of course, all who have signed up to the forum and posted an intro before this announcement are eligible for the drawing too!

(Note: I’ve seen some of you posting a comment to this article. This does not count to be eligible for the draw. You’ll have to sign up on the forum to be entered into the draw!)

tftf48 – Photo Printing Services

Ever wondered what’s important about choosing the right photo printing service for your needs? This and an update about what happened during last week, .. PLUS the announced suprise on today’s show!

“Are you hungry, Sir?” (click image for larger version)

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