tftf – Vacation Special 1 of 4

Today I have David Peterson from Australia on the show, or actually the other way around, he has me on his photography tips. He did an interview with me for his photography tips web site at The interview is about the differences between digital Point-and-Shoots and DSLRs, it was fun to do and I hope you’ll have fun listening to it!

“My Småland Refuge” (click image for larger version)

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I encourage all the listeners to support the relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There’s a great need and it’s urgent. Unfortunately I can’t setup something to collect the money myself, but I suggest you donate through the American Red Cross. You can donate as little as $5 (and as much as you like of course)

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tftf – Vacation Special 0 of 4

I’m very happy to have Mark Hunter from the Tartanpodcast on today’s show! He’s an amateuer photographer and host of the Tartanpodcast at, a great show with lots of independent Scottish music!

There’s also a new assignment starting today! The topic is Motion. Please do not send your images in via e-mail, but use the assignment upload form for this purpose.

Just don’t let yourself be confused by my numbering for this show starting at 0 .. I squeezed it in after having finished the production of the other 4 vacation shows, so this was the only way to stay somewhat consistent 🙂

“Red Beetle” by Mark Hunter (click image for larger version)

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