Server Move and No Show Today

Man, you guys are giving this web site quite a beating. In a positive sense of course. I’m really happy for everyone who visits the site, leaves comments and looks at the images!

The increasing amount of site traffic has made it necessary to move tips from the top floor to a bigger, better, faster and more robust server. This will happen next week, Monday thru Wednesday. Preparations are in progress as we speak.

“What does this mean for me?” I hear you ask. Well, not much. The site will stay open for your viewing and reading pleasure, but you won’t be able to leave comments from Monday thru Wednesday. I will also not be able to post new shows until Wednesday, partially due to the server move taking up some of my time and due to the fact that I won’t be able to update the site’s Podcast feed during the move.

I know it’s hard to spend a couple of days without new tips from the top floor, but hang in there, the new server will be worth the wait!

Thanks for your understanding!


PS: as the comments system will be shut down for 3 days on Monday, make sure you leave any urgent comments before that time.

PPS: you could use the tfttf-less time to go out shooting and put some of my tips into practise 🙂

tftf47 – Reflections Soundseeing

On today’s show: Listener Email, a look behind the scenes of tips from the top floor and a sound-seeing tour!

“Ritter Roya 0434” (click image for larger version)

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