885a Protecting My Listeners and Surviving at the Same Time

Warning: This is not an official photo episode, but rather some background on what’s going on in the world of independent podcasts. So if you’re here for the photography, please skip this episode.

I’ve hinted at it before, but here’s some more background. As independent podcasting is under immense pressure to include more and more detailed audience tracking (that’s you who’s being tracked), independent podcasters like me are getting more vocal because they have to.

The last thing I want to do is sell out to big ad tech in podcasting and throw my audience under the bus by allowing in more and more tracking of what you listen to, how much you listen to (down to the second) and where you listen to. If you’ve ever wondered why after searching for something you got ads for the same article everywhere, that’s what big ad tech does. And your podcast listening information should be your thing. It should be private. But big ad tech is trying to take over all control and integrate podcasting into this follow-you-around advertising scheme.

I won’t let that happen, I won’t sell out my audience. So I’m leaving my ad agency Midroll, who used to be awesome. They let me have a say in what I advertised on the show, how I advertised it, where I placed it in the show and above all, they allowed me to protect my audience’s privacy by not forcing me into their hosting and tracking.

This is changing at this very moment.

More and more podcasters are forced to choose

* either switch the show to a new hosting platform that includes all the bells and whistles to track the audience

* or leave Midroll and forego all sponsorship earnings connected to it in the future

I’ve made my choice. My audience comes first. You come first.

Starting in January, I won’t be with Midroll anymore. No audience tracking. No big ad tech.

While this is a tough decision from a finanicial standpoint, it’s the only one that feels right to me.

That’s why I want to thank all of you patrons (and everybody who’s thinking about becoming one) for your continued support.

There’s a good chance the show might change from January on. If I don’t find a way to replace the income I had through Midroll, I will have less resources (aka $$$) to dedicate time to the show. But if that’s how it has to play out, then so be it. At least I can look myself in the eye.

What can you do to help? Support your favorite podcasters, so big ad tech has less leverage to force our hands. This is the biggest assault that independent podcasting has seen and Patreon is cuurrently the biggest factor to help (if you’re in Germany, a monthly “Dauerauftrag” would be the best choice, ask me for more info). And if financial support would be a stretch for you, then that’s fine too. There are more ways to support the show. Every bit helps.

Thanks for your attention.




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