755 I Fixed My Shutter

Today’s episode is about overcoming fears, about doing something you haven’t done before and about repairing a shutter. Chris also does a quick detour into photo history, talking about Prontor and Compur shutters and how they defined a standard that has been part of many cameras and still is even until today: the PC Sync port. Hear Chris and Nick Fancher talk about his new book Studio Anywhere 2: Hard Light – they talk about reducing gear, getting visually stunning results from small flash and learning to get more out of the things you already own.




tfttf597 – Dropping Cameras

The one and only Julien Smith, about 7 years ago.

Steve dropped his camera and tries to find out what to do, we’ll look at a picture that’s mixing it up and Chris explains what Highlight Tone Priority (aka D-Lighting) means.

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