Focus Ring Episode 8

It’s time for a new episode of Focus Ring, the photography roundtable of the Photocast Network.

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On this episode:

Jeff Curto: Using media tools together with still photographs. Soundslides is a great tool to put together multi-media slide shows. Jeff’s pick: Griffin Technologies iTalk Pro. Find Jeff’s Exhibition at the Irene Carlos Gallery of Photography and hear Jeff speak at the Photoplus Expo in NYC in October

John Arnold: Shooting images of children. John’s pick: Canon EOS 1DS MkIII – John will hold a workshop in the UK in May 2008, Chris will be his co-host. Find more information here.

Chris Marquardt: Attention grabbers. Great photography and composition lessons at Petteri Sulonen’s web site. Chris’ pick: The ND Grad filter (by Cokin or by Lee) – Chris is about to take off to the United States to hold a series of photography workshops. Ft. Collins, CO Sep/22-25 – San Diego, CA Oct/4-7 – Minneapolis, MN Oct/8-11 – Port St. Lucie, FL Oct/18-21 – Find out more!

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Something secret this way comes

I have it on good authority that a “You know what” arrived in Tubingen last week for the Workshop #2. Most of the package was cookies (that were probably finished in the first couple hours), but there was this little package of other things in there. And as John & Chris mention in Show 201, there was this DVD with directions and these Chris Marquardt masks.

I’ve posted a web sized version of the contents of the DVD directions in the TOP SECRET area over in the TFTTF Forums. You have to be a member to look at things in the TOP SECRET area. So if you aren’t already a member, this might be a good time to sign up and check it out.

-Release Pixie

Photocast Network Roundtable – Episode 2

The Photocast Network has released the second episode of the roundtable discussion over at

The participants: John Arnold (Photowalkthrough), Jeff Curto (Camera Position), Ibarionex Perello (The Candid Frame) and Chris Marquardt.

We have decided to give the roundtable discussions their own podcast feed as opposed to including it in the individual member feeds in order to avoid duplicate downloads for those who have subscribed to more than one shows from the photocast network.

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