899 The Future of Photography Education

In this episode Chris looks at creativity, how it often depends on the right puzzle pieces to come together at the right time, and how a little bit (or a lot) of pressure can bring this all together and allow you to make it into something entirely new. Like the new interactive teaching platform that Chris has just released: sensei.photo



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tfttf733 – Shabby Luggage

Let’s listen in on Adam Savage’s podcast on how constraint furthers creativity. We discuss a contest and hear Thiago ask about setting up shop as a freelance photographer in Europe. Travis is interested in finding out how to travel with photo gear and Chris has a few words to say about that while he packs for his tour to Lofoten, Norway.




tfttf596 – Ultrawide Creative Juices


Chris takes a look at the lighting at the German parliament in Berlin, Steve has a question on ultra-wide lenses and how to compose with them, and we’ll look at an important way to keep your creative juices flowing: mix it up!

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