835 A Touchy Subject

Chris discusses ethics in wildlife photography and how there’s now a proposal for Exif data that deals exactly with that: what was the stress level of the animal, how much manipulation was taking place during the shoot, and much more. Your opinion? Discuss it in the Slack on channel #genre-wildlife.

Special guest on today’s episode is mad scientist photographer Don Komarechka, who tells us about his experiments with snowflakes, freezing soap bubbles and UV photography.

Photo by Trevor Cole



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tfttf637 – Interview: Don Komarechka on Sky Crystals and Pinholes


Chris talks with photographer Don Komarechka from Barrie, Canada about his Snowflake Photography, running a Kickstarter campaign, making a book, scrapping an entire print run and re-printing it, infrared photography and what you can do with pinholes.

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