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One week in Kathmandu two weeks on our way to Mt. Everest. The Everest Trek 2009 – not only the world’s highest photo workshop, but a truly life-changing event for all the participants. Follow along in this teaser episode and get a first taste of what to expect over the next months.

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Everything Everest Trek in One Place

nepalflag_plain.pngOne more day and I’ll leave for Frankfurt, and on Friday we fly out to Kathmandu. During my 4-week absence Ravsitar the Release Pixie will do what he loves doing: take care of releasing things to you on this site. But as a last official update from myself, here’s the list of links for your Everest Trek following pleasure:

Start here:
The best place to start with is our Netvibes page. It contains our live satellite map (see our location in real time!), Twitter streams, pictures from the trek, participant blogs and more.
» Everest Trek all-in-one Netvibes page

If you live on Twitter, we have set up a Twitter user that you can follow. We will post updates there and also use the associated TwitPic stream to post pictures that will also end up on Twitter.
» Everest Trek on Twitter: @everesttrek2009

Cool-looking widget for your site:
Check out the Everest Trek Live Widget! You can easily place it on your own page, no matter where it is. It supports regular blogs, Facebook and many more systems.
» The Everest Trek Live Widget

Live Moving Satellite Map:
You can also place the live moving satellite tracker map on your own page using this embed code:
<iframe src="" width="320" height="190" frameborder="0">

The Original:
Then there’s obviously the original page that started it all. Go here to find a lot more background information on the trek (and maybe get your mouth watering for the next one :))
» Everest Trek 2009

All TFTTF posts about the Everest Trek:
And last but not least, here are all the posts (and audio episodes) on Tips from the Top Floor that I made around the Everest Trek
» Everest Trek Category on Tips from the Top Floor

Alright already… enough!

tfttf356 – Sharpen, RAW, Nepal

20081231-_mg_9138-edit_put_on_blog.jpgYes yes, I dropped the 5D Mark II – and it’s still alive and kicking. Hear the story on today’s show. Also: Nonnyjorris welcomes to you to the episode, Jonzer asks about sharpening and Fifi LePew wants to learn about RAW processing. Thanks all for the great questions!

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Or send an MP3 to [email protected]

For everything Nepal, make sure to follow @everesttrek2009 on Twitter, keep an eye (and ear) on this podcast and check into

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