933 Hawk Birdhouse and the Mickey Mouse Camera

Presenting jam-packed newsreel, a new book, French influencer law, semantic segmentation in real-time, dpreview’s archive, a new film by Fuji, the Mickey-Mouse-Leica and DALL-E coming to a browser near you.

Special guest Allan Attridge of Two Hosers fame (he now also builds furniture on YouTube) and Chris talk about life, creating youtube videos and growing as a photographer.


  • [PHOTO, COOL, NEWS] The Film Photography Handbook 3rd Edition : +++ BREAKING +++ The Film Photography Handbook, fresh out in its 3rd updated edition by Chris Marquardt and Monika Andrae offers a comprehensive resource on film photography for both experienced and new photographers, covering various cameras, formats, exposure settings, film processing, digitization, and fostering creativity. Updates include instant photography, Polaroid, Instax formats, camera backs, color film development, digitizing film using a camera and crowdfunding for film photography projects. Pick it up at the link above, get 40% off using code FILM40
  • [NEWS] France suggest influencer law : The French government proposes penalizing influencers who don’t disclose Photoshop or filter usage in their posts, aiming to increase social media transparency and protect users from manipulated images’ negative effects. The penalties include up to 6 months in jail and fines up to 300,000 EUR.
  • [NEWS] SAM by Meta : Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, has introduced an open-source AI model called SAM that can isolate objects in images and videos with a single click, offering real-time semantic segmentation and potential applications in photo editing, VR, and social media.
  • [NEWS] DPReview [Update] : It seems that the public outcry over the shutdown of Digital Photography Review (dpreview) has been (at least somewhat) heard by some inside Amazon. At least they released an update that includes promising a few more articles beyond the officially announced April 10 date and the announcement of an archival effort, which had so far been taken up by archive.org
  • [NEWS] New Fujifilm Film : Fujifilm plans to launch a new 400 Color Negative Film, possibly replacing the Superia X-TRA 400, with release details and pricing yet to be announced. The film can already be found on various websites, including B&H or Moment, and rumor has it that a roll will be around $10
  • [COOL] Mickey-Mouse-Kamera : If you hear the term “Mickey Mouse Camera”, would Leica be the first to come to mind? They released a limited Mickey Mouse-designed Q2 camera edition for Walt Disney’s 100th anniversary, limited to 500 units at a recommended price of $6000
  • [NEWS] Edge integrates DALL-E : Microsoft Edge becomes the first browser to integrate OpenAI’s DALL-E AI image generator, allowing users to create images directly from the browser’s sidebar. Any plans to incorporate that in your photography/project workflow? Let me know at tfttf.com/hi

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