751 Giveaway and Modes. Guest: Valerie Jardin

Get the eBook 1 Hour 1000 Pics – Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow for free. David wonders what shutter modes Chris uses and prompts him to go deep into his reasoning for or against certain modes. Chris will also look into why over- and underexposure are absolutely fine and sometimes even necessary in some of his photography and illustrates his thoughts with several photos, including group shots from previous photo tours and workshops and a couple of example of his street photography from New York. Certain types of photos can really benefit from over- or underexposure.

Street photography is also what today’s guest is known for.

Photographer Valerie Jardin
Photographer Valerie Jardin
Photo: Valerie Jardin
Photos: Valerie Jardin

Valerie Jardin is a storyteller, a photographer and just fun to be around. Valerie is known for her street photography and looks for those right moments where stories unfold – just to capture them with her camera.

Photo: Valerie Jardin

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