839 The Wild Atlantic Way

What does it take to get a good photo at some of Northern Irelands more touristy places? Chris talks about his experience at The Dark Hedges, which is a hotspot for Game of Thrones fans and Giant’s Causeway, where Chris didn’t only have the most amazing geological formations in front of his lens, but also plenty of tourists climbing around on them. His solution: pre-visualize the shot and execute on the idea. Steve has come across a bunch of expired film in a thrift store and wonders how that film should be treated to get the best results. As a general rule, Chris suggests to add one stop of light per three years of expiration, but also cautions that storage conditions have a big impact on how expired film develops color casts over the years.

Photo by Chris Marquardt




tfttf725 – Diamond In The Rough


Frank is interested in color spaces and wonders which one to choose in the camera, Hampus calls in from the Himalayan trek and needs some hints regarding what to see in Ireland (hint: Donegal) and Iceland. Ben finds weird artefacts on his flash photos and wonders if it has to do with shutter speed and Terry relays her experience taking wonderful photos of her grandkids because she knew her camera in and out.

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tfttf696 – I Steal Shower Caps


Chris and Monika call in from beautiful Donegal in Ireland where Chris together with Trevor and Ashley did a photo tour with people from all over the world in one of the most amazing landscapes that can be found in Europe. Wild coasts, beautiful beaches, high cliffs, sea arches and the most mesmerizing light. Join in as they discuss some of the details.

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