924 You’re Hoarding It Wrong


  • [COOL] Register Now: Eastern European Photo Road Trip : The 10-day Eastern European Photo Road Trip from Berlin via Dresden/Prague/Vienna/Budapest to Transylvania is now officially open for registration! The dates are: Tour 1 (Berlin to Transylvania) Sep 2-11 2023 and Tour 2 (Transylvania to Berlin) Sep 14-23 2023. If you’re interested, send Chris a mail at [email protected] or get on the list. The (still slightly work-in-progress) new workshop site is at workshops.discoverthetopfloor.com. Questions? Drop Chris a line or a voice mail at tfttf.com/hi
  • [NEWS] Fujifilm Class Action : Class action lawsuit against Fujifilm regarding the X-Pro3. Hadn’t even heard about the issue, apparently some ribbon cable in the camera wasn’t reliable and caused issues on some (how many?) cameras.
  • [NEWS] Panasonic: Photo to Video – and Small TVs? : Panasonic’s CEO Akira Toyoshima says that they’ll focus more on video and less on still cameras. Which likely is about their compacts and probably means end of the LX line of cameras, LX10, LX100. But that’s not really surprising, given that everyone in the industry is feeling massive pressure on their compacts mainly from smartphones. Surprising that they also want to focus on portable TVs of all things. I have a perfectly portable TV in my pocket every day. It’s called a phone.
  • [PHOTO] How Much Unused Tech Do We Own? : The US population is hoarding $650 billion worth of technological devices they do not use. That’ll bring the average US adult to almost $2500 worth of unused tech. If you break out the 18 to 34 age bracket, that takes it to $3,691. On the other hand, the average annual consumer spend on technology is around $500. So if you have a habit of hoarding unused tech, you could easily finance your spending, especially as half of US adults report that they have never traded in a used tech item to get a new one. Might be worth it.

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872 The World’s Smallest Full Frame

Chris takes a closer look at the world’s smallest full frame mirrorless digital camera: the Sigma fp. He also asks the question if a full frame camera can REALLY deliver medium-format level quality, as claimed by Sony with the new A7 Mark IV.



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Chris revisits the ethical exif discussion by looking at a sea eagle safari. Ryan wonders about lens resolution and Tom has questions about the new full frame mirrorless lens mounts, and about what their bigger diameter and reduced flange distance mean for future lenses.

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin