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Today we’ll look at social media, massive full-resolution space imagery, weird lenses and the cautionary tale of big corporations vacuuming up massive amounts of imagery and what we can do about that (or if we even should). Also Steve has a fun film question: how to distinguish exposed (but not developed) film?


  • [OTHER] Reminder: Find me on Mastodon : FYI: Just in case you’re looking for me on social media other than Twitter, you also find me on Mastodon. I’ve been active there since the 2018 exodus, which not many people remember. My official handle on Mastodon is [email protected] – hit me up, I enjoy the level of discussion and engagement on Mastodon a lot more than on Twitter anyway.
  • [COOL] SPACE: JWST In Full Resolution : Download James Webb images in full resolution. They are in the public domain and you can use them any way you like.
  • [THEMA] Adobe und das Machine Learning : Adobe and others need data. Lots of data. Machine learning scales really well with more data and more computer. Is it true that Adobe uses all your photography in their creative cloud to train their AI? Is there anything you can do about that? Should you even?
  • [COOL] The Weird Lens Museum : What a nice find. Mathieu Stern collects interesting and, yes, weird lenses and puts them to the test on his YouTube channel. Check out some of the really odd ones, like the home-made one or the eyeball.

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