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We all know the JPG format and we all know how to edit it. And it’s the default on our cameras, so why should we change it? On today’s show Chris and Leo talk about why the RAW format is a great option for both, beginners and professionals, and why not everyone uses it.

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tfttf021 – RAW

When the JPG format came along over 10 years ago, it was a good space-saver that helped a great deal to foster the development of the World Wide Web as we know it today (oooh, the good old days of gopher and archie, does any of you remember?!).

And even by today’s standards, JPG is still versatile enough so that it has virtually become the standard format for all online digital photography, even to the point that most digital cameras from small point-and-shoot ones up to big DSLRs use JPG as their default format to save images.

But saving all that space comes with its price tag, so in today’s show I’ll take a short look at an alternative: the RAW format.

image: going RAW (“come rain come shine”)

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